Full visibility into your API spend in 5 minutes

Track spend, outages and performance of the third party APIs you depend on.

Monitor everything with a single line of code.

Integrate in minutes

Engineering & finance departments, rejoice

Engineering teams can track the performance and outages of their third party APIs and finance departments can monitor spend and usage.

  • Outage Detection
  • Response Timing
  • Usage based alerting
  • Spend reconcilitation
  • Superfluous call detection
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 import Supergood from 'supergood-js'; Supergood.init(CLIENT_ID, CLIENT_SECRET); const main = async () => { const plaidClient = new PlaidAPi(config); const balance = await plaidClient.getBalance() ...
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5 minutes to integrate. Seriously.

If you use it, we probably support it. We have integrations for most of the popular web frameworks and languages.

1. Sign-up

Create an account on our dashboard, and get your API keys. Invite your team members.

2. Import Supergood

Add Supergood to your code base using your favorite package manager. Import Supergood wherever you make calls.

3. Start Tracking

That's it. We automatically track, categorize and analyze all of your external calls. You can start using Supergood right away.